Trained professionals provide interior and exterior detailing services to leave the vehicles clean and well-maintained

What You’ll Get

  • Level 1 Exterior Detail includes:
    • Hand wash
    • Bugs and tar removed
    • Clay bar and high-quality wax/sealant applied
  • Level 1 Interior Detail includes:
    • Interior vacuumed
    • Floor mats cleaned
    • Seats wiped down
    • Dashboard and plastics cleaned
    • Surface stains removed
    • Door jambs spray waxed
    • All glass polished
    • Exterior wash
  • Level 2 Interior Detail includes:
    • Headliner
    • Crevices blown with air
    • Deep vacuuming
    • Carpets and floor mats shampooed
    • Stains removed
    • All surfaces sanitized
    • All compartments cleaned
    • UV plastic protection applied
    • Leather conditioned
    • Door jambs detailed
    • All glass polished
    • Exterior wash
  • Level 2 Exterior Detail includes:
    • Hand wash
    • Clay bar
    • Buff/polish for paint enhancement
    • Paint sealant applied
  • Prices may increase due to: odor, neglect, pet hair, dirt/sand, salt, bio-spills, and extra rows/size of vehicle.
  • For best results and to preserve your vehicle’s paint condition, get vehicles detailed 2–3 times a year, including in spring in cold climates to remove salt buildup from winter.


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