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Auto experts perform precise exterior detailing services to boost the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal

What You’ll Get

  • What’s included:
    • Foam-cannon emulsifying wash, followed by gentle agitation using high-quality hog’s hair brushes and wash mitts, rinse and microfiber/compressed air blow-dry.
    • Chemical and mechanical decontamination to remove bonded and embedded surface contaminants including rail dust.
    • Painted surfaces will be machine polished with a single-step machine glaze to reduce or remove the “swirl effect”, and followed by an application of a high-quality paint sealant.
    • Interior carpeting will be vacuumed, the glass will be cleaned, and dash/door panels wiped.
  • For best results and to preserve your vehicle’s paint condition, get vehicles detailed 2–3 times a year, including in spring in cold climates to remove salt buildup from winter.


Żegańska 18, Warszawa, Poland


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