Car wash packages include automatic wash, undercarriage wash, hand drying, sealer wax, and other services to keep vehicles in a good shape

What You’ll Get

  • Automatic wash
  • Deluxe Exterior Wash includes:
    • Automatic exterior wash
    • Hand drying
    • Undercarriage flush with rust inhibitor
    • Sealer wax
  • Deluxe Full-Serve Wash includes:
    • Automatic full-service wash
    • Hand drying
    • Interior vacuum
    • Window cleaning
    • Wiping of dash and door jambs
    • Undercarriage flush
    • Rust inhibitor
    • Sealer wax
    • Air freshener
    • Two-day basic exterior rewash guarantee
  • Waiting area amenities: chairs, TV


al. Jerozolimskie 179, Warszawa, Poland


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