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About Flash Taco

Following a family tradition that started at the soccer fields of Humboldt Park during the 1970s, chefs craft Mexican street fare the same way Doña Belen, the mother of the eatery’s founder, did nearly four decades ago. Grills sizzle beneath steak and chorizo awaiting homes on tacos and tostadas, and a vegetarian menu caters to meatless cravings and calms dieting velociraptors. The glow from flat-screen televisions drifts out through the chili-pepper-hued building, which is adorned with a burnished-metal lightning bolt. Skeletal mariachi figurines overlook an interior that opts for speed by eschewing tables and chairs for counters, stools, and hunched-over racecar drivers. Hours extend as late as 6 a.m. on weekends, blurring the line between late dinners and early breakfasts as diners watch the bustling intersection slowly come to life.


Bobrowiecka 9, Warszawa, Poland


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