Signature barbecue sauce from Creole family recipe slathered onto full slab of ribs served with hearty sides

About Hecky’s Barbecue

Hecky Powell—founded Hecky’s Barbecue over 36 years ago—crafts his acclaimed signature barbecue sauce, a Creole family recipe (from Hecky’s Grandmother and Mother) before using it to marinate a surfeit of ribs, chicken, and seafood. Southern flavors abound in side dishes or with dessert plates for sweet-potato pie, served in the casual dining spot or at parties with catering options. Hecky’s ships the homemade barbecue sauce, dry rubs, and spices via Amazon, posting recipes so that home cooks can simmer award-winning chili on their own stoves.


Aleje Jerozolimskie 179, Warszawa, Poland


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