Burgers, pitas, and sandwiches burst with grilled meat, melting cheese, veggies, wings gyros loaded fries and Italian beef

About MR Captain Hooks Fish & Chicken & Grill

At MR Captain Hooks Fish & Chicken & Grill, dedicated chefs strive to share their passion for American classics with a wide-ranging menu that aims to satisfy even the most insatiable hunger.

  • Chicken on pita: seasoned chicken accompanied by mushrooms, green peppers, and gooey cheese topped with mayo and tucked into a fresh pita
  • Italian beef sub: tender beef tossed in Italian seasoning served with hot and sweet peppers and cheese
  • Cheeseburger: veggies atop the solid portion of sizzling beef tucked between a sesame bun


Jana Kazimierza 29, Warszawa, Poland


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