Skilled technicians offer ceramic coating and meticulous detailing for a car or SUV, aiming to make the vehicle look like new

What You’ll Get

  • Showroom Interior and Exterior Detailing includes:
    • Hand wash
    • Interior shampoo for the carpet, floor mats, doors, seats, and trunk
    • Cleaning and dressing the doors, dashboard, seats, console, cup holder, and air vents
    • Leather treatment
    • Buffing, polishing, and hand wax for the exterior
    • Removing all surface scratches
    • Super clay bar
    • Engine cleaning
    • Showroom Shine
    • Dressing the whole interior
  • Waiting room amenities: free WiFi, tea, and coffee
  • For best results and to preserve your vehicle’s paint condition, get vehicles detailed 2–3 times a year, including in spring in cold climates to remove salt buildup from winter.


Stryjeńskich 6, Warszawa, Poland


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